Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is in the loving memory of my beloved Niece Sumaiya, who just left us this January End to to be with Allah SWT,
A very Beautiful 9 years old, with so much of love and Innocence in her, No one expected that She would just leave us to Mourn, She lived her entire life with Pain still made every one laugh, with her Acts She was the Favorite of all her folks, where ever She went She spread Joy and Happiness, No Problem was a Problem when you saw her Smiling Face looking at you, though She lived her life with hardship and Pain, She still had the courage to make others Laugh. That was My Sumaiya

"Oh! My Lord Give Her (Sumaiyah) the Ultimate Paradise, And Give Her Parents the Same (Jannat ul Firdous) as they have Taken care of Her, Till her Last Breath Escaped Her Lips"

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  1. We really miss her.....
    And her word which make us laugh ...we really missed.She is the one who really Suffer with pain and made other laugh...She is My sweet sister whom I never forget till my Last. And I have never meet a child like her........ya Allaha give give her Paradise...........